Thread for things you thought everyone could do but it turns out you actually have a (crap) superpower



Apparently not everyone can voluntarily give themselves goosebumps just by thinking about it. Did not know that.


hmmm, i just did it. might be cold, not really sure


Flip pancakes.

The trick is to not half-arse it.


Reliably reverse park the car. Not such a thing in the UK but Americans looked at me like I was some sort if wizard when I did it over there.





That Star Trek hand greeting with both hands.


Yeah this. I can flip, Mrs F is a feeble flipper.

On the opposite side, things everyone literally can do, except me: make an acceptably shaped omelette.


well this is going well


I’ll be honest I didn’t expect much more beyond the initial post but I figured maybe someone has like telekinesis but it only works on copies of the Radio Times from 1972 or something like that and it’d be fun to find out.


how… are you unable to make a badly-shaped omelette? HOW


Your left eye looks like it’s squirming out of it’s socket


I’m very able to do that. I said so.


:smiley: why i oughta. pls explain tho.


I was referring to my aborted reply, which first of all didn’t work, then when I edited it it looked like I was being insulting.


Just can’t get the cheese melted properly and then fold it into an omelette shape satisfactorily. Always end up with a pile of eggy mess with cheese in. Which is fine, because it all tastes the same.


Do you have telekinesis though?


whistling whilst humming at the same time


Certainly not when it comes to eggs.


So that’s you and everybody who can play a didgeridoo.