Thread for Thursday 16th Feb: words with disputed pronunciation, a poll thread


Fancy him to do well at Wimbledon this year

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I dunno. You need to find a better word that people can only pronounce one way. I guess just ‘as in ‘ivy’’ might work?

I read Mither like ‘hither’. Is it a sports thing, then? I don’t do sports.

Complete nonsense argument obviously

But you’ve voted on the hard G side like the rest of us sane people so you’re in agreement with that?

Yeah it’s a hard g but it’s nothing to do with that reasoning

Ah okay. It rings a bell now but the tennis comment up there confused me.

Actually @crisps and others: Am I alone in not having a consistent pronunciation of either?

It seems to depend on what I was saying previously in the sentence. I couldn’t tell you which I use more.


It’s now easy to understand why you don’t enjoy fun films. :wink:

I must confess to occasional inconsistencies in my pronunciation.

  • elt-ham
  • el-tham
  • eltham

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think my neither fluctuates, but my ‘either’ is always a long ‘e’ sound

Bunch of Brummies I work with can’t pronounce ‘tooth’ properly

  • tooooth
  • tuth

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Or ‘tongue’ for that matter

  • tong
  • tung

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  • hooge
  • hyooge
  • yuge

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  • Caaaaaaaawwwwwssle
  • Castle

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:smiley: but you pronounce an acronym as the acronym is spelt, not as the sounds those letters make in their original word. Like if you had an acronym of ‘Gif’ for something where the middle word started with a long ‘i’ (island, for e.g.), the acronym wouldn’t rhyme with ‘knife’, that would be silly


  • Twat
  • Twot (i.e. I’m a massive twat)

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