Thread for Thursday

Get communicating!


i’m in the worst 2 and a half hour teams call in human history. may not survive.


No work today AND Coco pops for breakfast AND it’s not raining


mid year review, where do I see myself in 5 years :thinking:



Unexpectedly, it is raining

Awoken by a pack of wolves howling at an ungodly volume. GF still sound asleep, the envy is real.

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Just heading to office then leaving early for summat special in Nottingham.

Already breakfasted and cleaned the house

Need to have a shower, make a dunga decision, go to the post office and then show a moving guy around for a quote

Then friend is coming for tea :star_struck: (cup of not the meal)


Getting irked by a parent in the school whatsapp. Adding him to my arch enemy list right next to Freddie, naughty little Freddie - the youngest of my foes.

Need to head to town at some point to check out something an artist is giving me a sneak peek of 🕵‍♀️

I’ve accidentally come to the office on bring your kids to work day :flushed:

:white_check_mark: 30 mins on the elliptical
:white_check_mark: Shower
:white_check_mark: Breakfast
:white_check_mark: Client escalation call
:black_medium_square: Actual proper work for a bit
:black_medium_square: Unexciting lunch
:black_medium_square: First interview for a job I’d really like
:black_medium_square: Mild despair while continuing with other work
:black_medium_square: Maybe some Zelda, or Halt and Catch Fire, or something


All go already here at the beer factory. Got a tour later and everything. Would quite like to simply go home.

should do quite a bit as

A) lazy week so far
B) off to a Fringe party tonight, so Friday will be a bit of a write off anyway

lets see how that goes down once I’ve been fuelled by some crumpets

Morning DiS

Been up since 6am. Rubbish sleep.

New phone day though so thats good AND looks like we might be moving house very soon as our vendors are (finally) ready.

Watching The Office as per. Could do with another coffee.

Trying to figure out something to do with the weans. Weather looks nice just now but it’s going to change innit?

Got an appointment to see doctor about my back to negotiate first. Preparing myself for vagueness and little to no help.

Why’s there no cake next to my username today?!?!?! Has that stopped with the move to the new server?

We’ve cancelled birthdays as part of an initiative to make sure this place just gets less and less fun.


Boo! I demand cake and celebrations! (The activity, not the miniature chocolates. They would be nice too though)


day three of self-isolating with COVID, can confirm that it still sucks