Thread for today: A big (physical) fight between The Eggheads and The Chasers

Hello, as with Rick Stein please don’t discuss this until 0930hrs on 01/02/2017

When the thread is open please discuss who would win in a physical fight between The Eggheads (you put together your best fighting team from them) and the Chasers (there’s less of them so there is no need to put a team together yourselves)

The chasers would fuck up the eggheads providing CJ’s not involved*

*because he’s a murderer

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who the hell are the chasers?

I don’t think this will have the traction of Stein but I wish you well regardless Tone, hope you get the #numbers you’re after.


The Chasers, Good Ship Inn, 1st Feb. £6 adv. etc

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Really wish you dickheads would stop pretending you don’t have a concept of ITV.

Chasers? As in eggchasers? As in rugby players? They’d obviously completely batter the Eggheads you loon.

Gonna link my good mate Paul From The Chase to this thread tomorrow.


The eggheads are all saps. No contest here and I am frankly amazed you found it worthy of debate


Basically yer sneering Liberal elite v yer grassroots alt-right fanatics
I’ll let you decide which is which

Not even a question

Chasers obvs

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I was nearly in eggheads but then they scheduled the filming spot for when graduation would be so alas

Eggheads are liberal elite I assume?

Though Chris is allegedly (someone here said it) a massive racist and tbf looks like a textbook UKIPer

ooooh shittttt ant’s in trouble now

Ok, here we go! (I’m in early to get John fucking Mayer tickets for my gf in the O2 Priority Pre-sale so this is opening early)

#The Eggheads


  • CJ has literally killed a man

  • Judith could pay for a hitman to take down any of the Chasers in the build up

  • Barry is a fucking lunatic, almost certainly doesn’t feel pain


  • Daphne is old and weak, will offer nothing

  • Dave is a bit too kind maybe?

  • None of them have any real kind of physical presence

The Chasers


  • Mark ‘The Beast’ Labett is basically the Brock Lesnar of the daytime TV quizzing world

  • Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty is an extremely powerful woman

  • Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace has ‘the destroyer’ in his (extremely problematic) nickname


  • Is Paul Sinha too nice for physical combat?

  • Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan is a new member of the team and might not be as familiar with the fighting techniques of the rest of the group

  • Technically The Eggheads could call on a few more boffs and outnumber them


Please now chat about how the fight would play out, who would win, what kind of special moves or anything you might like to see in the fight, what type of fight it even is! Are we talking bare-knuckle boxing? A tornado-tag match in the WWE style? It’s up to you guys right here on!


did one of these quizzes have the murderer guy on them at some point or was that something else?

Please read my post thoroughly before asking fucking stupid questions David.



Eggheads then.

------------------ END THREAD -------------------------


that’s quite an outdated eggheads squad, ant