THREAD FOR TODAY: take a picture of something on your way to work

and then post it in here.

telling you this now because if I wait for tomorrow to tell you it’ll be too late! :upside_down:

I’ll try my damnedest Japesy, any further requirements?

nope. although I would suggest dogs and/or selfies will probably be well recieved.

Trying to get me arrested?

(got overtaken on the A3 yesterday (and I was breaking the speed limit) by a white Merc and the bloke was texting or what have you)

didn’t you learn from your last speed awareness course!

Probably won’t take a selfie as I’m not confident at executing them correctly, I sure hope I see a few dogs though!

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Yes, it is unlikely you will get a ticket if you are under 80mph.


I expect you to pull over to take the picture like a good law abiding citizen

I was walking behind someone on the way to work the other week and noticed they were wearing a ‘Davidoff Cool Water’ rucksack. Tried to snap a picture but it came out all blurry. deleted from phone. sorry guys.

ooh excellent

don’t think i can :bike: in tomorrow so it will probably be a bit dull

I must stress only photos taken tomorrow will be considered. none of this ‘here’s one I prepared earlier’ nonsense

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understood, boss. :raised_hands:

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Yeah It’ll be really dull if you don’t talk about cycling for a bit. Not sure I’ll be able to keep my eyes open.

can you even read

Brace yourself for an INCREDIBLE photo of some motorway in quasi-rural Hertfordshire.

Just embrace the burn Niki.

it was a really shit one though wasn’t it

i think you should send out a 6am reminder tomorrow j-man



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