Thread for tomorrow (12/5/17): Housekeeping signs in your office (e.g. around the printer, kitchen etc)


I’m expecting:

  • Word Art
  • Clip Art
  • liberal use of exclamation marks, underlining, caps lock and bold font
  • handwritten amendments to printed notices.

I have high hopes for this. Don’t let me down. I’ll open this when I get into work tomorrow.

A thread to ask specific questions to specific DiSers *Rolling*



Thread is open!


We have this in our kitchen at work:

It always irks me a bit because the impact a mosquito has is to be a blood-sucking annoying prick.


All we have is a fairly polite and nicely produced sign. Sorry!


We used to have a sign on our hot water dispenser that said “Don’t twist spout” and some joker had adapted it to say “Twist & Shout” and then someone else had stuck this meme on it and it stayed there for about 7 years but the water dispenser got replaced a month or two back:



also have a variety of signs all over the toilets, never knew you needed a sign to tell you not to throw towels on the floor


Mostly cringeworthy attempts to do that annoying Innocent thing were stuff talks to you about not looking at its bottom. These aren’t the best examples, but still.


I used to call myself Kitchen Fairy when doing my I Want To Break Free themed drag act, so I find this pretty dismissive.

Still people don’t get the message and we have to stand up from our desk to close the toilet door all the time.

My own contribution to the genre.


ah the washing up fairy. an absolute classic of the genre.


We don’t have any in our office as my boss has a thing about not wanting it to look like it’s run by a ‘Blackpool landlady’.


the clarification on the second one reminds me of this:


We’ve got three different ones above the sink that all say ‘wash up after yourself’ in minor variations

Will get a pic #content


Work fridge triple


Like the problem of leaving a fridge open is only because the beeping is annoying to people




this was affixed to a toilet cubicle door at a place I used to work. the rarely seen hat trick of exclamation mark hat tricks, marvellous