Thread for Tomorrow: Recent examples of poor resealable packaging

Think this one is going great to be a real struggle tbh but if we all give it some thought and are ready with contributions for a prompt 0930 start we might be able to wrangle some measure of chat from this.

I’d just like to point out that I’ve had very few actual examples in this thread.

That’s because it’s a thread for tomorrow, bozo.

Hope you don’t mind me being an early bird. I won’t be here tomorrow morning!

Pasta packets - they never open nicely in the first place, they’re basically falling apart but oh look you can reseal for later! Pieces of shit.

*no I’m not buying a pasta container


I actually think I may have some #content for you her mate. See you at 9:30am tomorrow!

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Got to be honest Nadsinho, I’ve posted this thread now because of a very recent example and I could easily post about it now if I wanted to.

The idea of it being a thread for tomorrow isn’t ever especially well policed here unfortunately.

Plastic film bags of rice and pasta are the worst for this aren’t they. Always split more than you want them to. All over the floor half the time.

Yes, I know, but I’m doing stuff tomorrow.

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Oh boy have I got some #content for this! Bet you I forget about it by tomorrow though, which is a shame as it’s a cracker.


Actual recent examples!

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I’ll look forward to checking back in tomorrow to see what #content you lads come up with

Tell you what would be a good feature on DiS: if you could temporarily seal a thread, allowing it to remain fresh for another day.



Like if I closed it now and then opened it in the morning?

@anon5266188 are you happy with that idea?

Yeah, or if the thread creator had that power.

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Absolutely delighted with it tbh mate


Thread is open :slight_smile:

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Terrific! Have fun everyone!