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So, I’m thinking of becoming a supply teacher, does anyone here have any experi…

No, I’m just kidding! This is, of course, a thread for anecdotes about supply teachers you had.

Please post any funny or heartwarming anecdotes about supply teachers and the behaviour they had to put up with.

We used to have a supply teacher who was tiny and about 75 years old. We used to call her The Raisin.

:smiley: That’s given me a good smirk that, kids are such idiots :thumbsup:

We used to hide under the stage blocks in the drama studio (which doubled up as an English class) so that when she came in to teach us, she’d think she’d gone to the wrong room and walk out again.

There was another supply teacher who the others would always make cry. I felt sorry for her TBH :frowning:

The final one I remember was from junior school. Her name was Mrs Cross and she’d usually run out of teaching material by lunchtime, so she’d let us go outside and play rounders in the afternoon :smiley:

I hope this is enough #content to get things started

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Terrific stuff, thanks, as ever, ccb for your sterling contributions to the DiScourse

My mum worked for a while as a supply teacher in secondary schools - but never at the school I went to. She is not cut out for it - and got a hard time at times I think

When I went to sixth form I made some new friends - and when they met my mum some of the sheepishly asked if she had been a supply teacher, She never said anything, but I expect a couple of them were not very well behaved in her classes

:pensive: I don’t remember any supply teachers except one who wasn’t particularly interesting. Though she did foil my friends elaborate plan. My friend took music and the music teacher wasn’t very nice at all. She was also quite a large lady and instead of over exerting herself by walking around the room would instead only push herself around on this wheely stool, so my friend thought she’d stuff the wheels full of paper so they would jam up and she might have to actually walk the few feet to the pupils desks or preferably just fall off the stool. Anyway, in this supply teachers maths class my friend thought it would be a good idea to draw an extremely elaborate diagram, it was practically a comic book strip, detailing what she’d done and what outcome she hoped for, she drew this at the back of her maths jotter and the supply teacher obviously found it, got very angry indeed and made her go and show the music teacher what she’s drawn and apologise.

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You made the right choice


My personal favourite trick at school was thus. Showing my age a bit, but schools used to have these big rolling floor to ceiling blackboards that you sort of…pulled round. I’d get to any lesson that came after a registration or break and draw a massive lovelength complete with pubes and mandatory jizz fountain and pull the board back round. You’d think that joke would get old, but it never ever did. No greater sight that an uppity Tory teacher completely panicking at unexpectedly seeing a drawing of a throbbing veiny penis.


Classic stuff that :thumbsup:

Ever do the ol’ make everything in the room face the wrong way before a lesson?

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I have a vaguely related story. We once had a supply bus driver who we managed to convince to completely miss out a village on the way home, thereby getting us town dwellers home 15 minutes early, and making the kids who lived in the village half an hour late.
Was quite incredible, even when the kids who lived in the village were up in arms after we drove past their turning, the supply driver carried on to the main town.


We used to be able to make our normal bus driver miss people’s stops all the time by just yelling “HE’S NOT HERE TODAY” as he was slowing down, living in the sticks made this a real issue for people. Great stuff.

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