Thread for tomorrow: worst film you've seen in the cinema as an adult

We’ll lower the adult bar to 16 for the purpose of this thread.

The dark knight rises, the second robert downey jr. Sherlock holmes or jurassic world for me, clives.

No lying to be edgy in this thread please


I’m assuming you mean the Clooney one I’ve not seen, rather than one of the best films ever made?

yeah Clooney

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Oh the third pirates of the Caribbean, actually. Left in the interval. Worst by streets


Those films are mediocre at worst, you’re lucky. Probably Independence Day 2 for me. That was truly soul destroying. Jem liked it though.


That’s more like it.

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Was about to say.

I fucking hated jurassic world though. Made me incredibly angry. Awful, awful film. The other two are dull messes but not as ire inducing

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10,000 BC :confounded:

Please read the OP in full. Theo please remove this post. We’re keeping this thread sensible


Probably this

Oh the silent hill film was awful too

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probably too many spectacularly bad ones when I was younger trying to impress women on dates.

films were probably rubbish too

Thin Red Line. Worst part was that I had to pretend that I liked it because my mate was making such a huffy fuss about how shite it was.

Well, that or Raising Cain.

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Oh. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

Oh tim burtons alice in wonderland wasn’t good. Had forgotten it existed for a bit


tim burton should not be allowed to make films anymore


so many. in particular:

The Hulk film with Tim Roth.

Vantage Point

Transporter 2

That Hitman film from about 10 years ago.

remember literally nothing about it apart from the fact that it was terrible in every conceivable way

come on, pal


i think it was called creep, about a murderer living in tube tunnels. no idea why i agreed to go and see it, not my sort of film at all. not sure if it was actually what we had intended to see, maybe something else was sold out? anyway it was rubbish and gross and i was feeling quite ill to start with and didn’t last the whole film. only film i’ve ever walked out of