Thread for tomorrow: worst film you've seen in the cinema as an adult

No drums?


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Think the dadsnet crew gonna have this topic covered.

In terms of lack of enjoyment I’m gonna say that wanky Macbeth one with fassbender. Some admirable qualities to it but not a couple of hours I’d care to repeat. Went with 3 other people and 2 fell asleep, says a lot for a story of murder and betrayal and witches

Something with Ewan Macgregor in. It was set in the fifties. He was on a boat in Scotland. Got his wang out. That’s about all I can remember about it.

Star wars?


genuinely awful

may have been slightly younger than 16, but went to see Zach Braff abortion the last kiss after me and some mates didnt make it into a gig, cause it was the only thing on. think garden state but 3000x worse, without the good soundtrack, or any sympathetic characters, or any explanation for why any of the characters act the way they do at any point. total unfunny sickening bullshit. still properly angry i paid to see it.

Ita alright that

Only movie. I walked out of is Epic Movie. Christ, so bad.

Your Highness is also up there, just completely joyless.

Found the Neon Demon to be interminable as well

Couldn’t even remember the name of it without looking through Malkovich’s IMDB. Will never forgive my mate for suggesting it:

25th Hour

A film which is set in New York, shortly after 9/11 (for no reason whatsoever, seeing as the book it’s based on is not, so it’s basically just an excuse for Spike Lee to shoehorn in some incredibly heavy-handed NY post-attack camera shots), about a guy who is due to go to prison tomorrow but is worried about getting bummed in prison, and after a couple of hours of nothing of any coherence or consequence whatsoever, the finale to the film is that he asks someone to punch him in the face so he’s less pretty and therefore less likely to get bummed in prison.

A film which, somehow manages to end up being even worse than that description sounds.

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Heaven (the Tom Tykwer film starring Cate Blanchett).

Found the scene of her popping a squat in the petrol station - and how they bizarrely tried sexualizing it - really strange

Something that had Ben Stiller and Kate Hudson in, a couple on honeymoon perhaps? Can’t remember much about it, except for the amount of pong steaming off it.



Yes i would, kent

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Terminator Genysis

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The second Matrix film. Even though it ends on the cliffiest of cliffhangers I didn’t bother going to see the third.


Appaloosa, was heading to see some other film but the print hadn’t showed and ended up watching this. Wish I’d just gone home

Lightning McQueen is a bastard!