Thread for Tuesday the 19th

MORNING!!! I am on my way to the airport to go (even further) north for the holidays. And that’s pretty much all I have going on so far. WBU, hon?

You off to visit the other Christmas elves?

Work, then curry with work acquaintances. Really really cba.

We’d be really shitty elves tbh, insofar as I’m the second shortest one out of the four of us spending Christmas together.

What kind of acquaintances are these, Eps?

Today and then tomorrow to go. So literacy and Christmas crafts in the morning, Muppet film in the afternoon.

Got my new jumper on, 13 in the HandM sale is very cosy and soft…


Some people I used to work with, some I’ve been on courses with. My profession is full of cunts so it makes sense to keep in contact with the few non-cunts you come across.

Still cba though.

Morning wr, Slicky, eps!

Have to go for training in another department in a town outside Cork. No idea what it’ll involve, hopefully it won’t be too boring.

Hanging out with the TV later, no idea what we’ll get up to.


Looks a bit icy to cycle to work :pensive:

Need to go and pick up some leaving gifts for my colleague at lunch. Apart from that, no plans.

Morning all. Getting a lift into work today, gutted.

Does anyone else’s mum wash cans? The work of an insane person imho.


Probably wise, saw someone’s bike go from under them yesterday morning. Was a bit :hushed:

Hahahaha I’m ill again hahaha great!

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First day of holiday for me, so that obviously means I am sending work emails from bed.

My mum has come to visit so we’re going to piss around the city today, drink some mulled wine and eat cinnamon buns. NOT BAD MY SON.


This sounds like a brilliant day. Enjoy.



(Today is my Friday)

I’m planning to tidy my desk.


I give my cans and milk bottles etc a bit of a rinse before sticking them in the recycling bin. That’s acceptable, isn’t it? I’m worried that I’m gradually drifting further from the DiS Hive Mind.

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This is perfectly acceptable and sane. Full washing and drying less so.


Waiting in line at the Chinese embassy to apply for a visa. Don’t know how long it’ll take. Then got to pick up a couple of last Xmas presents, go home and vegetate.

Last day in work today! Waiting around for new laptop to arrive this morning then showing some visitors around this afternoon so no real work to do.

Heading up north to visit parents tomorrow. Any ideas for keeping a 4 year old entertained on a 2 hour train journey? Will probably just download some Christmas films on Netflix.

We go down to London (1h45m journey) every few months and these sorts of things work well.