Thread for username and profile picture issues



how am I supposed to be pronouncing that? was going with em-rock but now I’m wondering if it’s mr O C? like does it stand for ’ mr original content’? is that not a bit presumptuous?

@ttf & @TAFH33

I urge both sides to put aside the rhetoric, get around the negotiating table and stop this happening again.


Have been reading it as mr croc


thought it was mr alligator myself


has always been m-rock for me but now I’m not so sure. clarification needed.


The ttf/tafh33 issue can be avoided by not reading the music board.


there’s a music board?


Some say it is mythical, but I have seen it with my own eyes, b_t_e, and it exists. I was going somewhere with this but have lost inspiration already.



has taffers never once posted on the social board?

seems almost rude tbh. I wonder if he’ll post in here or keep his streak going?


I have never seen him around these parts, though I can’t say definitively he has never been here.


you can tell the difference between me an TAFH33, I really like the smashing pumpkins, TAFH33 likes the smashing pumpkins a bit more than me


also two distinct shades of grey


Isn’t it like Ad Rock, but Em Rock?






Did we ever get to the bottom of @laelfy?


Gareth Eye, Gareth L, Gareth the First…
(I prefer the last of these, tbh, but might need to fight Wales and Patagonia for formal rights.)


Didn’t it sound L’Alfie on the Vocaroo thread?




You leave @laelfy 's bottom out of this, you absolute perv.
This isn’t the old DiS!



And yes, it was demonstrated in the vocaroo thread.