Thread for when The LOTR: The Fellowship of the Rings is on Netflix

the p c b e

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“Bilbo’s ring!”

The best of the trilogy in terms of plot. Same with the books tbf. Somehow the most haunting too. Nice Balrog action. Nice Inn action. And Boromir, my favourite misunderstood character.


More like the FALLowship of the Ring

hah hah hah

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lets watch it together

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That’s sad

I somehow knew he was both Bilbo and the scary synthetic in Alien without ever really thinking - oh yeah, it’s the same guy

Ah, man :confused: RIP.


Oh bloody hell :slightly_frowning_face:

Still not on Netflix

Unless it is? I’ve not checked just guessing.

It’s on Amazon Prime, if you’re willing to hate yourself forever by signing up.

Oh I’ve just clocked is it called Fellowship because we ship all the fellows in it?

I don’t think the person I steal Netflix from has amazon prime



in the last 10 minutes bilbo says “I guess we really were THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS” and then all the gnomes laugh bounce up and down on a bed until the credits


Saturday night watching lord of the rings fellowship of the rings on Netflix would be good

Watching it on Amazon Prime as we speak. Galadriel’s just turned down the ring , wise move imho.

Let’s hunt some orc

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Very good film, that. Hope they make a sequel.