Thread for when the moderators have let the power go to their heads

Granted, it would have been funny to lock it at 49 replies, but they didn’t. Instead, they deleted some of my replies and locked it.

  • It’s political correctness gone mad.
  • It’s even funnier this way.
  • Leave the boards.

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I lost my Leader privileges for a lot less than this…


Only deleted yours though, no-one else’s.

Would obviously never do this with a serious thread and will just as obviously restore every post if this has been an upsetting experience for you in any way

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It’s all good, I thought it was very funny

Mine were the best ones though (apply this to all threads)

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Shame! Shame! Shame!

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Brilliant bants. WR for President 2020.


Aaaaahahahahaha, WR’s done you good and proper.

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