Thread for when there's a bird in the ceiling of your office (rolling)

Can anything be in a ceiling?


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what do you mean “in the ceiling”?



Watch out birds!

You sound like a patent examiner.

When I was at school (so not an office, I’m afraid), one section of the ceiling fell down to reveal that there was a bird in there.

Unfortunately the bird had been dead for a while and exploded in a shower of maggots as it hit the desks below, during a class.

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Is that a Dr? As in medical, not a prick Dr. As in I am pretending that I misconstrued that as ‘patient examiner’.

I’m here all day, folks.

Sometimes it is.

You could nip off early, as it’s Friday.

I’m already at home. Annoyingly my son is at his old childminder’s today which is right by where I work. So I had just over an hour’s round trip this morning to be at my computer working at home. And drove right past my office.

You’ve fucked that up, haven’t you.

*your wife fucked that up, didn’t she

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There were pigeons in the ceiling at college, scratching around up there. It was unsettling.

What were they studying?

They were distracting me from studying audio engineering. Another time I got a nosebleed at the back of the class that I thought I could contain, but I couldn’t and it got out of hand quite quickly.

That concludes my stories of my time at college.

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