Thread for when you accidentally cooked too much food

The moment I cut into the Yorkshire the gravy will flood the plate and spill everywhere. Its a very delicate situation



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What did your neighbour cook?

Strong penis-just-popped-out vibes

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Hollow out the sausage, have it act as a straw

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This is just a daily consequence of cooking, round these parts.

These images horrify me


Somebody likes peas.

You can’t pick that up, you’d have to eat half of it stood up at the worktop

I managed it chaps, I ate it using a sofa cushion as a pillow and I am gravy free.

The TV on the other hand covered herself in it


That looks lush, but there’s quite a lot of space on the plate around it to my eyes

My Spanish teacher in high school told a story about how some Spanish fella he knew once told a joke at a dinner party, in English (he’d been learning English), about the “escapea” pea that fell off the table, in the context of fucking hell he’s a genius he’s just made a joke in English. Thanks for reading.

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