Thread for when you have something to say in an old thread you can't find any more

You know what I mean!

Anyway, it turns out my ‘nemesis’ is about to get away with being an absolute danger yet again, although it was nice to see them sweat for a bit I guess

Just wanted to say that out loud innit


This will be a useful thread as I can never find anything on here.

(Remarkably have found the nemesis thread though


I could find it but I finally have a contribution for the “small achievements” thread - fixing a boiler for the first time. As I spent ages fixing one last night and it reminded me of the first time i did it.

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sorry mert

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You should be

Anyone know what the thread was for places or businesses that proudly display a really recent and unremarkable established (‘Est.’) year?


(Although I’ve a feeling I ended up finding it somehow.)

Anyway, I came in here cos I can’t find that “Only In [insert place name here]” thread.

Where’d it go?

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Think there’s something about < > these symbols that make it unsearchable?

Really annoying

Yeah, did a search for

‘Only in [place]’, ‘“Only in” [place]’, etc, but not a sniff.