Thread for when you notice that a person from one minor thing is in another minor thing as well *Rolling*

The lady that is on that Audible advert where she’s sat in a station is also in that Experian advert with all the goths that disappear. She is one of the minor goths, keep your eyes peeled.

Phil off of the “Phil & Rita” Cineworld ads is in the film The Good Liar for a bit.


Bev from the ‘Bev and Kev’ insurance adverts turned up as a hotel manager in ‘The Lobster’


I have a theory that there are 2, maybe 3, ‘advert families’ and they just mix and match them so they appear different on screen.

This bothers me as I’m fairly face blind so get anxious trying to remember and failing and worrying my memory has gone to shit when its just a minor person in another minor thing and not very important in the grand scheme of things

This was stressful as i recognise some of them but like, from where??? :sob:

Quite enjoy seeing people off the Fast Show in things, can never fully not envisage them going into a fast show sketch, and they’re all in lots of different stuff, so I see them about quite a bit.

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I’d be interested to hear you back up that theory with some hard fucking evidence


Just have a look next time. They all look the fucking same. There are 2 dads, maybe 3 mums and a pool of 8 or 9 kids. They just call them at random and see who’s free that day.

I have eyes like a fucking hawk for this shit, man (as evidenced by the OP). You can’t just chuck a claim like that out with nothing to back it up.

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History will back me up one day.

Someone has to if you’re not willing to do it yourself

It’s just a minor thing, and I’m a minor king.

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He’s got you there, @anon19035908.


The Dad in Friday Night Dinner & is in Chernobyl is also in The Trial of Christine Keeler.

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I really want to participate in this thread because it’s the sort of thing I notice, but I can’t think of any right now. No-one’s as disappointed about this as me, believe me.


Those first two are well major.

Pitch Perfect 2?

Which one?

I saw a guy who I sometimes see on the train in the supermarket the other day


Keegan Michael Key, the tall one. Beca’s boss.

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Wasn’t Bev national treasure Olivia Coleman?