Thread for when you think there’s less than a mouthful of pop left in your can so you keep pouring it in but then there’s more than a mouthful left

so you panic and try to swallow the full mouthful while still pouring it in but bubbles painfully force their way back up your throat mid-swallow and you choke and it comes back out of your nose and you make an involuntary throat-burp noise while dribbling pop onto your desk

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I did this on Monday

I thought this was going to be one of your threads so I feel quite vindicated by this.

My threads are usually quite bad though

I’m sure there are people who like them.

Thank you for saying that

It wasn’t entirely sincere, but you’re welcome all the same.

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I understand.

The last bit is 90% spit

thread / username

I did this today to the extent that i got diet coke all down myself