Thread for when your mind’s just been blown (rolling)


Saw Arrival for the first time, finally.




oof get ready for some big opinions



Oh, wait…


When I was first told about the actual meaning behind the apparently nonsensical chorus from that Las Ketchup song


I hadn’t heard about this. Just checked online :exploding_head:


When I found out that Rocking All Over The World by Status Quo IS A COVER VERSION!!




When I found out the definition of the word chauvinist


when i went to a Kasabian gig


What? That it’s an approximation of Rapper’s Delight or am I missing something?



Here is one I just thought of

The police have something called a sting operation

In both respects


Yup it’s just that.


Also step on by the happy Mondays


B m L i O n W d N


It’s just in Spanish mate





Until now I thought Joni Mitchell was dead! I thought she died when she was in her late 20s. I never thought to check!!


Mixing her up with Janis Joplin?


A step up from this one

Which is supposedly what English sounds like to Italians who can’t speak it or something.