Thread for when you've had a cooking/baking DISASTER 🥘🔥🚨 (rolling)

Post in here when you’ve had a DISASTER in the kitchen and we’ll see if the DiS chefs can offer any assistance or at worst, consolation!

I’ll get us started. My DISASTER was that I tried making honeycomb a few days ago. Followed a recipe of course but it turned out more like sticky toffee consistency almost. Very far from the crisp goodness of honeycomb in any case. As far as I can tell I followed the recipe to the letter. Any words of advice for me?

Get bees to do it instead


Cake I made for the TV. Don’t know where you’d even start with advice for me.


Did you try the Post Office?



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Re: honeycomb - how old was your baking powder/raising agent? If it was quite old it might not have worked as well.

That said, I have maybe a 60% success rate with most attempts at confectionery so you might have just got unlucky

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I’m not sure, but it did get really bubbly when I added it! Maybe I didn’t mix it in well enough or something, idk

Maybe, or mixed it in too well, or used a wider tin… It’s temperamental stuff and I’ve never made honeycomb better than a Crunchie bar

Did you use a sugar thermometer? I wonder if the sugar wasn’t at quite the right temperature. Some recipes just tell you how long to cook it for, but it needs to be cooked to the right stage, which is determined by temperature


Quite a lot of things can cause cakes not to rise so it could have been nearly anything!

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Ah I had one today. Went to make giant Yorkshire puddings in the cake tins but the oil and then batter escaped out of the cracks where the seams join at the bottom. I’ve just finished scrubbing my oven clean.

(made a normal batch of small ones just in time and they were delicious and perfect)

I had similar once, baked a cake and a potato at the same time, resulting in accidental cake/potato toad in the hole

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The sadness in their eyes


@me you coward :rofl:! There’s nothing my wife and friends haven’t already ridiculed about it, including the inherent sadness


I’d still rather eat that cake than a tomato from a can


Think I must have replied to the wrong post😖

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I was thinking that maybe the honeycomb just got too hot, so a temp thing like the other person said, or maybe by the time it set up in the tray the air bubbles had left it already so it was flat??? Both of these things I guess could be caused by taking too long to move the honeycomb from the pot???

I read/heard once that you should put it in a bowl as that apparently helps it with the bubbles or something. I think that’s in a random book I have, I can double check tomorrow.

As for my failure, I had moved into a new place and was putting the grill on in my oven when I wasn’t meaning and made eclairs, overcooked on the outside and undercooked on the inside, total failure, and it was for friends coming over for dinner. Arghhhhh.