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Hey babes. Just woke up at 6 for no good reason feeling totally fresh and ready for the day, wife and baby still asleep. Can’t even remember the last time this happened! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

How often do you feel totally rested and looking forward to your day the moment you wake up?

  • Every day
  • At least once a week
  • At least once a month
  • At least once a year
  • Can’t even remember m44

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ill and tired. Always up at 6 on a Fri and sat morning. Would killaman for an extra couple of hours. Just 2 more and everything would be fine



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Morning Smee & co

Usually up with the baby by now, but he is a bit under the weather so extra sleep for him… I wake up 5-6am regardless, not something I am happy about tbh.

Have my first therapy appointment today, so high dread levels. Pizza for dinner though, so the outlook for the end of the day is better at least.

Alright. Accidentally forgot to turn my alarm off so I’m awake. Don’t need to be awake until later. Fuck sake.

Going to Girona today :flight_departure: :sunny: :beers: :bike: :es: :ok_hand:


been working all night and feel weird!

Feel terrible every single morning from now until March tbh. Happy(ish) to get out of bed at 6.45 in the summer when it’s bright outside, but the cold and dark makes it so difficult to get up.

Days off are fine when I can just get up when I’m ready, and once I get warmed up I’m fine, but the initial drag out of bed is just horrible.

@Twinkletoes any :notes: recommendations for the flight? Sat on my own aren’t I.

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Another three-part, four hour interview today.


Out tonight for pizza, deffo having an egg on top

Quite like the new L Gallagher song, any thoughts?

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Ooh look, satirists: the front of the King’s Lynn Conservative Club serves as a neat metaphor for its current fortunes!

I’m good thanks: half day today as I’m taking Mrs CCB out for lunch. Train heating is set to “stifling” but never mind.

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On my traditional IDM vibes, Bleeps AOTW, Poly-Ana by Brainwaltzera (great name!) is well worth your time.
Bicep’s debut S/T LP is a must-listen.
Outside my techno remit, my AOTY is almost certainly going to be Fever Dream by Everything Everything who are staking a claim for all-time greats in my book.
Oh, and I’m still listening a lot to this year’s comeback album by Bola which may well be me IDM/Techno album of the year.

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Morning all!

I’m tired even though I had more sleep than usual.

Going to see EMA tonight. Eating butternut squash and spinach tarts before then. Can’t fully be arsed with either at the moment.

Brrrr chilly this morning, need to get our heating timer sorted. Got some shite work on today, cba with it mates. Didnt have quite enough coffee for a pot so i’m drinking a pretty weak cuppa. Not a great start to the day.

Morning. Everywhere has the heating on full blast here even though it hit 22 degrees yesterday. People are walking around in coats, what is wrong with everyone?

No thoughts on Liam Gallagher, but I think you turned up in my dream last night. Can’t remember why (possibly you were running a stall at a festival?)

Maybe we need a rolling “dreams about other DiSers” thread. Maybe.

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Full of cold and my wisdom tooth was playing up last night, so not a good night’s sleep. On the plus side, I’ve got a half day today. Had planned to go to the pub to watch the footy, but I think it’ll be a case of watching from the sofa with some hot lemon, unfortunately.

Gonna have to start wearing hat, scarf and gloves at this rate! So much for global warming eh.