Thread idea: art prompts

Had an idea for a thread but it’s a little bit of effort to get going so I’m not going to bother if nobody can be arsed.

The idea would be to do a series of threads (maybe every fortnight? More likely monthly, because I’m lazy) where there’s a common prompt, like people use in Inktober, and posters make and post a piece of art that’s been prompted by that theme. My original idea was for musical pieces only but maybe that’s too exclusionary.

FOR EXAMPLE, I used a website to generate a prompt of “tranquil shores”. We could all then post songs/drawings/poems/etc inspired by this. I wouldn’t actually use this one though because there’s only so much shimmery reverb we can listen to in a month, amirite gear wankers?

  • I would be interested in contributing to this if it was only music
  • I would be interested in contributing to this if it was any art form
  • I would not be interested in this
  • Banana hammock

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I briefly considered having a cutoff point after which we could have a poll to vote on our favourite e.g. tranquil shore of the month but decided that wouldn’t actually be fun and if you want to engage in pointless competition then there’s always the football threads.

And they say there’s no such thing as a bad idea.


Good suggestion for the November prompt.

a parody thread called fart prompts

  1. Pull my finger
  2. There is no two. Hopefully.
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I was genuinely thinking something similar the other day - as I spent Halloween making some Halloweeny music and really enjoyed the process of having a bit of a brief to work to

I can’t do visual art though

I also don’t currently have any way of getting my music onto the internet (bar crappy phone videos) so I need to sort that out really

bart prompts, a simpsons meme spin off

To be clear, there wouldn’t be different months for music, sculpture, dance etc, it would be up to submitters to pick for themselves each month.

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I skim read your idea and I’m afraid I don’t understand it so i’m out.

re-read it and understand it now.
I think I have enough to do as it is, but nice idea

As ever, thank you for your ongoing support.