Thread idea for tomorrow: best and worst roads


Ideally I’m thinking of the best / worst roads in the country that you currently live in. You don’t seem like the sort to yak on about some awesome dirt track you discovered on your gap year in Vietnam.

I’ve got a few ideas already but hold off for now. Get your thinking caps on!


Are we talking in terms of traffic and road maintenance, etc, or just the ones with the best stuff on them?


All of those are factors that could be included in your decision-making process. And more, I’d imagine.


This will turn into another cycling wank off before it hits 10 posts.


The M8 can fuck right off


A14 - a fucking constant shitshow of lorries overtaking each other at a 1mph differential causing massive tailbacks.


See also the 2 lane section of M42/A42.

I look forward to adding more tomorrow! See you in the morning guys!


Good - snake pass - fun to drive, normally not too busy, nice views
Bad - any a road or motorway that’s constantly got works and a 50 avg. Speed check