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Evening, what are you up to tonight?

Started making macaroni cheese but realised I don’t have any milk :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:


I’m in work. Just had a microwave lasagna. I don’t think I have anything more to report.


This is insanely hot




It has been genuinely amazing spending loads of time with the wee man. In the last ten weeks he’s started saying short sentences all the time and is properly hilarious but… It is exhausting trying to keep him busy all day. So I am totally gubbed tonight.

He’s getting his bath the now and then I need to read to him for a wee while. Then I think I might need a beer.




Oh, tonight = work. When I can’t do something in tableau it sends me absolutely crazy.

Tea is steak pie and potatoes.

Ive only had the tiniest sip , saving it for another time, but I think itl need a mixer as otherwise itl be undrinkable

Another day, another portion of leftover freezer stew. At least had homemade bread today.

Gonna video chat the GF, watch NT Live, Stellaaaaa.

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Vacuum cleaner broke the day I decided to roll up my shagpile carpets and whack all the shit out of them. Spent 2 hours on the phone to see if they could repair it (no). M got angry that I was on the phone so had an angry nap under her duvet - she should be going to bed now and that’s clearly not going to happen.

But it’s getting closer to new kitten day so everything is good.

What you trying to do? Feel free to pm

I’m watching the football then we have just started watching the sopranos so will watch an episode or 2 of that

Hurt my toenail earlier on my walk. Apart from that nothing much. Doing some sort of tortilla thing and salad for tea. Daughter’s birthday tomorrow, so gonna be spending time wrapping presents, blowing up balloons and decorating the house in banners.


Had pasta with roast garlic and sardines


What have you got her? And what’s her cake?

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Just finished eating chicken roasted with 40 (ten) cloves of garlic. I think I had an old recipe that roasted everything dry but could not find it. The wet version was good too.

We’ve got two potential films to watch but I’ve got work I should do and I’m really quite tired.

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Evening all. Trying to read Private Eye but I’m struggling to manage words during all this (apart from work, weirdly). Mercury Rev are doing Deserter’s Songs for the Tim Burgess listening party at 9 so that’ll be excellent.


That’s amore!


Her cake (yet unmade) is a chocolate monstrosity. Ummm, got her a big bubble wand, a big paddling pool (and those interlocking foam matting squares for our sanity), paints, crafty bits, buckets and spade, Thomas the Tank Engine books, sticker packs. Lots of small bits to keep her entertained


My very lovely, kind, generous, charitable, caring, sensitive, and charming TV has just bounded out to me in the garden with a “present”. Proper shut your eyes and hold out your hands stuff.

Any guesses?

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