Thread o' toiletries

Feels like a pretty classic Wednesday topic.

Do you have set favourite brands or even specific flavours, tastes etc? Do you just go with what’s on offer on the shopping day? Do you have a spending limit you won’t break or is self-care and pampering worth the cost?

Toiletries is a funny word too eh.

  • Radox shower gel, either the blue one or the orange one. NOT the blue “for men” one because it smells musty and the whole point of showering is so I don’t have musty genitals
  • Head & Shoulders 2 in 1 because without it I’m a flakey boi
  • Some VO5 hair product that’s £4 a tin and lasts me a year
  • Nivea Sensitive shaving gel (NOT foam) because that works well for me and I get bad razor burn with other things
  • Nivea Sensitive strong anti-perspirant because it works and has a subtle clean smell
  • whatever toothpaste and mouthwash is on offer, give a shit

I like Harry’s razors but I feel like I’ve really fallen for some advertising crap there.

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Most I’ve ever spent on an individual toiletry item was £8 or something on some Nivea moisturising shaving balm as a stop gap until my prescription moisturiser arrived.

I didn’t notice it was £8 until I got to the till, where the server (used to seeing me buy nothing but cookies and reduced stuff) said “…you do realise this stuff is £8 a bottle, right?” and I was so affronted by his suggestion that I couldn’t afford it - this was a while ago and they may well have been right because I was paying through the nose for a 1 bed flat in Cambridge - that I said “OF COURSE I DO” because fragile masculinity.


You cleaned that mirror lately?


Shaving wankers: since The Body Shop stopped selling their maca root shaving cream I’ve been at a loss. Any recommendations?

I am EXCLUSIVELY Original Source shower gel. Don’t trust people who aren’t.

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Nivea deodorant (Cool Power, I believe)
Dove creme shower gel (Mrs F likes it so we buy it, it’s not unpleasant)
John Frida (?) Shampoo (just steal Mrs F’s, not enough hair to buy my own)
Cornerstone shaving subscription razor and shaving cream
Oral B Whitening toothpaste.
Talcum powder to prevent chafing at work when it’s sweaty.

Lush ‘Dirty’

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  • Dove Deeply Nourishing body wash - need all the extra moisture I can get. Nice big bottle so lasts a while and regularly on 2 for £3 deals.
  • Nab a bit of my flatmate’s massive bottle of shampoo until I start feeling guilty then eventually buy some cheap Alberto Balsam deal. Usually smell pretty nice and doesn’t massively dry out my scalp. Tbh shampoo is very unneccesary, might cut it out entirely :man_shrugging:
  • L’Oreal Shirt Protect anti-perspirant - ex used to really like the smell (maybe a bad reason but how often does a men’s deo get compliments?) and never left any white marks like almost everyone other one I’ve used. Being phased out now I think though and it’s £3 at full price anyway, so often make wild choices for whatever new thing looks good. Instant regret every time.
  • Toothpaste is usually the cheapest Colgate one, ~£1. Always dislike the texture though, leaves my mouth really gritty. Need to find a new, better option to stick to but it seems high risk to commit to something for multiple weeks that might taste absolutely garbage.
  • Not settled on a beard oil yet, gone through a variety of cheap and fancy ones due to presents etc. The Kohl’s one smells great but doesn’t seem to tame wild hairs very much.

Shift it now! When No Deal Brexit hits that stuff will be basically worthless thanks to the over-abundance of goo.

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Yes team

Double yes team

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Alberto Balsam Shampoo/Conditioner combo 4 LYF

'er indoors used to use this so I’ve had a go when mine has run out and I HATE IT. Can barely get it to lather in this stupid country’s dickhead hard water and there’s a musty base note to the smell that meant I never actually felt clean after using it.


L’Oreal Men Expert deodorant (when on offer). Everything else: whatever is on offer.

Says you!

same, but Dove






Exactly, I need all the help I can get.

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