Thread of banal

you know what to do!

  • Coffee and walnut cake
  • Chocolate cake

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Look at my snacking options!!!

Bout 3.5 hours til :beers:




Very on brand vote from eric.

very very tired

got a banana but i just can’t even be fucked to eat it tbqh

You bring in that skull mug from home?

not crazy about either tbh but went for the lesser evil

I don’t think I can safely eat either so this is purely academic anyway.

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bananas are such a chore

pretty much smoothie or cba for me

i do like them but they need to be just green, this one’s a bit ripe for my liking

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I went to Sainsburys to look for lunch, saw nothing that took my fancy and went back to my desk clutching only a pack of Skittles.

Has there ever been a convincing dance/club scene on tv/film that didn’t involve dance/electronic music?


Is this the place you were moaning about? You don’t know you’re born, son.

have the @moderators decided what to do with bird yet?

I couldn’t be fucked being in here. I have done absolutely zero work today.

there’s a minion here who brings me my free coffees as well :joy:



That’s a shame. Thanks for the very quick reply.