Thread of Bread

Yo yo yo

I got a bread machine for Christmas so naturally I’m gonna be talking about bread machine recipes mainly in here but hand kneaded chat also welcome.

I’m just gonna do basic white loaves for a bit I think. The booklet tells me to put skimmed milk powder in the recipe(s) but I didn’t and it came out fine??

Anyhow. Recipes? What’s your favourite butter? OTHER SHIT.

:sandwich: :bread::croissant::baguette_bread::pretzel:

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I only ever make the New York Times 24 hour no knead bread. I leave it for 14 which seems the best time but it taken me 10 years to realise this. It’s so ridiculously easy and the bread is amazing.

The key to great bread (in an oven) is a lidded pot but I use 2 cake tins on top of each other.

Never buy shop bread these days but do sometimes mess up my bread making routine and have to go breadless from time to time.

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Frankly I don’t think you can beat Anchor Salted.

It sure can. On the list amongst other things is… YOGURT


I predict you will do this one time and never do it again as the cleanup afterwards is too much of a faff



Bread is great
Butter on bread is not

Some toasty hot takes from you today! I’ll be snug in my turtleneck eating buttered toast, pal.


I invented my own ‘marmite’ loaf. Just bung loads of marmite in there too. :yum:

The girlfriends bread maker says to use milk powder, mine doesn’t :man_shrugging:

Mine has a recipe for a panatonne that I will try one day :thinking:

Always struggled with cheesey loaves as no matter which cheese I use it just disappears into the bread. More success with olive or pesto or sun dried tomato loaves (although sometimes this vanish into the bread too)


I loved my bread maker, especially 5 seeded loaf! But it packed up several years ago, one side of the element stopped heating so the loaves were only properly risen on one side.

I do all hand baking now but really miss the overnight timer settingand coming down to freshly baked bread in the morning

I’m well up for this thread as we’ve also just got a bread maker.

I’ll post updates after the first loaf. I borrowed one a while back and was into it so hopefully it won’t be a fad.


Ah yes, we had a Morphy Richards bread maker for a while and the recipe book said the same. I ignored it.

I’m quite the fan of a breadmaker malt loaf

absolute doing from balonz, there

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Best thing for your bread machine is pizza dough.

Also I do a 50/50 loaf but I do it like 250g white and 150g brown

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62.5/37.5 loaf more like it!


My word

Honey on cheese but no butter on bread. A world gone topsy turvy.

The best bread is :tiger:


Top tip: do the 50/50 (or whatever) loaf on the white bread setting (setting 1?)

I think I have a bread making problem

or a Photoshop one

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I make this recipe

But I double the quantities and use less flour. Also, salt goes in with the flour, not the water/yeast mixture, obviously.