Thread of Bread


my best bread is cheddar and pumpkin - basically just dice some cheddar and grate pumpkin into it and scatter pumpkin seeds through it then on top


I’m pretty into goats butter at the moment


I make this recipe

But I double the quantities and use less flour. Also, salt goes in with the flour, not the water/yeast mixture, obviously.


Milk powder or milk in a bread recipe will enhance the softness of the crumb and the browning of the crust, due to the sugars and fat. Optional, as of course is ten minutes of pointless kneading.


Just made these and I’m trying to decide if I should just let them burn my mouth or wait until they’re cool enough to eat


they look :ok_hand:

made some bread last night and was about 100g short of strong white bread flour, so used spelt to make the rest up. loaf is very very good.

where does the best range of flour / other supplies?


I love spelt bread! The main loaf I make is a white with spelt sourdough.

I’ve been ordering from shipton mill, it’s local, has organic stuff and the flour is top notch. But delivery is pricey if you don’t spend over 30 quid. So I just make a ton more bread now…

Doves farm is pretty good I find and is in Sainos. My mum gets this Waitrose malted granary flour for her machine and the loaves are effing delicious

Gilchester is also supposed to have good flour




My da made a nice treacle soda bread over christmas, i might try it, dead easy and quite nice. Although, I’d like to make it more treacley.


The first loaf from the new bread maker.


some questions

if yr making bread, how much you getting through? what do you do with leftovers? how do you store your fresh loaves?

if i wake up to a fresh loaf, i’ll have a couple of slices as toast for breakfast, and then two more as a sarnie at lunch, and mike will invariably have the same, which, by the end of the day, will just leave the crusts. are we eating too much bread??


No such thing m9 :+1:



I’m making a loaf every two days. It makes enough for work sandwiches for two of us for two days, plus a crust for toast.

I cut the bread horizontally through the loaf rather than vertically, it makes really big slices admittedly, but it works out better.

I ordered one of these of eBay for £2 to help get more even slices.


Also just wrap the loaf in a carrier bag and stick it in the bread bin.


I find wrapping in a paper bag works best in a bread bin, but my loaves tend to start to go mouldy after about four days anyway. The solution is to take the loaf out of the bread bin after a couple of days, let it dry out and then breadcrumb it, but I often don’t.


I’ll also second the fact that supermarket malted granary flour always makes a delicious loaf.


Used mostly white flour but also a little wholewheat flour for this pair. Going to eat some of the round loaf tomorrow and slice and freeze the tin loaf.


I’ve got some ready to go in the oven. I never bother measuring anything though so I guess we’ll see what happens. The last baguettes I made were fine with no measure though so maybe it’s ok.




This instagram makes me feel inadequate about my baking abilities