Thread of Bread




ffs I don’t think my bread in the bread machine has risen properly




With the ends of the bread or if it goes stale, I will blend it and top up my freezer breadcrumb bag.

We normally go through one loaf in about 3 days I reckon. Just one thick slice each for breakfast.



Wrong setting?


new flour, this:

done on the “whole wheat” programme which requires a bit less yeast, and is a “medium” sized load. my medium white loaves come out way higher. more yeast next time??


Oh and I store my bread just open in the bread bin.

This one


Seems weird you’d have to use less yeast? Cause they flour will be heavier. Your white is a lot lighter and fluffier. More yeast I reckon.


it said 3/4 of a teaspoon of yeast, compared to 1 1/4 in a white loaf. typo maybe? twats.

i’m obviously not going to let it go to waste though


1 and a half for white? That seems like a lot!

My booklet says 3/4 for both white and a seedy one


one and a quarter teaspoons. it does come out MASSIVE.

well this is all very annoying isn’t it.


I’d probably swap those over and do 1 and a quarter for the seedy

I don’t really do anything other than half white and half wholmeal or pizza dough (had homemade pizza last night and it’s so so so good)


so what do you reckon, next time half and half on the basic white bread white bread setting and see what happens?


Hmm I might join team bread maker.


hmm yeah i’ve just read a bunch of stuff saying use the basic setting rather than wholewheat and increase the yeast



okay i’m eating a slice and it’s fucking delicious so who cares


Yeah go basic! I can’t see what else the other settings are really bringing to the table. I use the wholemeal setting cause I think it rises it for a bit longer?


Does your recipe call for vitamin c powder / ascorbic acid? I did manage to find some when I had a maker as the recipe suggested it for wholemeal loaves but I never found it made any difference (I think it was to help the rise but I can’t rememember)

Also my mum said she’d found over the years that sometimes batches of flour can just be bad risers. She even got a load of free stuff off of hovis (?) because she complained and they acknowledged it had been a bit rubbish (due to weather maybe?).

Also something to bear in mind with the pre-seeded flours is that the presence of the seeds (particularly the sharper ones like pumpkin / sunflower or even the wheat flakes) during the kneading process can apparently cut the gluten strands (or something?) as they develop which means as the air bubbles form they have less room to grow before popping and so you get a denser / less risen loaf. I guess that might be why the wholemeal setting is longer to give the strands more time to develop idk. (thinking about it the vit c might have been to help strengthen the gluten ?)


What bread makers you rocking?
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