Thread of Bread


DiS favourite:


Another vote for Panasonic.


Would like a black one but its an extra £30


Sister had good things to say about this and just gave it a go… Bloody amazing and only 69p (noooooice)


The 50/50 loaf seems to have come out ok


I miss one very specific loaf we used to get from the bakers when I was a kid and that my parents still buy (malt crunch from the Haslemere ganary), but other than that, Spain is fucking heaven for breadheads. Absolutely no one buys the sliced packaged loaves in supermarkets other than for toasting, and there’s multiple bakerys with a shit tonne of amazing bread within 200m of every house. Not even joking.


Just done these for kiddo’s packed lunches… Soft, spelty and multi seeded!


Paul Hollywood would tell you they look underbaked, but they look good to me.

My holy grail is to make a soft wide bap, suitable for a greedy sandwich, but all my bread comes out in tight high small rolls that are a bit chewy. Don’t know what the key/secret is, but I don’t have it yet.


Me too, basically I’m chasing the jumbo roll from my days working in a sandwich shop

Also, sod Paul Hollywood


If he pulled apart any of my bread with those greasy fingers of his, I’d probably strangle him with a dish cloth


The way I bake, I could probably thump him with one of my weird dense loaves and render him comatose



Been experimenting with no-salt quick loaves because my little’un is eating food now and my sourdough starter went weird so I threw it away.

Got tired of no salt pretty quickly, so I’m moving on to low-salt and will just let my daughter eat less. These are looking and smelling great though! Also threw in some milled mixed seed I got in Sainsbos. And a little bit of rye flour.


Need to know how much wine you put in those loaves :smiley:


They look great - love me some double loaf action too!




that’s a bottle I’ve been eeking out since Saturday


I had the same problem today with a seeded granary loaf, where it hasn’t risen as well. I’m guessing its just a lot denser. Did you try more yeast?


I made brioche tonight. I’ve not done a proper brioche before. I think it must be quite forgiving cause I don’t have a mixer or properly working scales and I barely kneeded it. Next time I’ll use a good quality butter because the flavour’s not as buttery as I want it to be. I’ll probably keep an eye on it as it cooks too instead of going off to place computer games, because I’d rather the top look less dark (it tastes fine though). I might buy a brioche tin.


I tried to make a malted granary loaf last night and I put too much malt in (I think) because even though I baked it for a long time it was still not completely baked and sagged right down.

On the plus side, I think I know how to make my own squidgy soreen style loaf :slight_smile:

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