Thread of dread - what's making you stressed rn?


Anyone else suffering? Let’s talk about it… and possibly offer support and help each other manage things. I feel like I’ve got loads to do but it’s probably really manageable?

3,000 word proposal due in a month (will require lots of reading, redrafting, has to actually be good).
an application due in a month (loads of admin, chasing up references, all round ball ache)
shorter proposal due in ~3 weeks (not much at all, probably a day’s work)
dissertation to plan and make a start on (basically just have a working bibliography rn and need a tigher focus)
revision for all my courses for this term (writing up notes etc.)
reading all the things I skipped this term (probably about 5 or 6 books worth and ~15 articles)
pre-reading for next term (about the same again)

:sob: :tired_face: help me


I now have to manage someone at work, I have no idea what I am doing and the person who is managing me is on a cruise around South America for a month


I’m feeling pretty good right now even though there are numerous things that are hanging over my head, almost all involving getting a real job, that I don’t want to get into because it’ll harsh my buzz man, I’m all about the pos vibes, man, one love,


very mild christmas present pressure.

asked my 12 yr old cousin what he wanted - the answer?


when I asked him to expand on this I got “just loads of bees”.

could be tricky



Good luck DB! Sounds like a shitload of work but you seem really capable and are obviously really intelligent, so try not to be too daunted by the scale of it.

I’ve offloaded most of my stress now I’ve finished exams, but still have results to wait for :frowning: Got a lot of Countdown tournament stuff to do (publicity, organising/announcing my own one, rejigging the website) and need to finish my course (100wpm shorthand and portfolio) and look for jobs. But I’m gonna do most of that next month (along with trying to organise a load of local quizzes/word game events to fundraise for Syria. not sure which charity yet.)


First hearing as lead attorney on Tuesday. Bricking it. At least that’s keeping my mind off my travel anxiety, eh.


Also daily existential crises about decisions I’ve made in my personal life. So that’s good.



Impending WWIII




Helpwise DD…I can offer proofreading anytime you like - just DM


Money and my debt level.
Possibility of moving job and country, really exciting but still feels like a big mountain to climb (if I get offered it, that is)


Going away on Tuesday and have way too much stuff that I have to do tomorrow in preparation


no work booked in


My job fills me with a fair amount of worry on a weekly basis. With one week to go before I finish until the new year, I have one final external visit to conduct, so am slightly apprehensive about how that will go. If it’s bad it’ll potentially mean a lot of work and no time to do it. It would also more importantly mean people weren’t getting the support they need which is always stressful to find.


I’m a bit freaked out by health at the moment.

Ages ago I had what I thought was a persistent kind of soreness, like an ache or a pulled muscle, on my ribs under my arms, but it went away, and it was never very present, so that I couldn’t say for sure it was happening like now, I was just dimly aware of it when I wasn’t distracted. I wondered if it might be deoderant or something and changed what I used, but it didn’t seem linked. Eventually it went away. Then a few days back, it came back, and now it’s sort of migrated to my back, under my shoulder blades. The problem is, I’m constantly tense, I’m always like trying to stretch, prod, push, to try and prove to myself if it’s real or not. And when I do that, which I constantly do, I find things everywhere, like my arm is sore if I press a certain bit, or my calf, or my knee or my neck. And I try and tell myself it’s probably just because I have a really low level cold or something, or aches and pains from running last week, but in my head - and this is really stupid - I’m worried it’s properly serious, like C-word serious, like when I thought I found a bollocks lump 8 years ago and I got it checked out but they couldn’t find anything but I never stopped being paranoid about it. And I know it’s just because my mother in law passed away this year and in it’s in my head and the chances are ridiculously small and I’m being a hypochondriac and it’s probably my reaction to the stress of imminently becoming a dad, but I keep thinking what if something is really wrong and I leave a wife and baby and oh fuck it’s the most terrifying thing in the world. And I know the answer is just to go to the doctor but I’m not even registered and what do I even say? I have non-specific vague almost non-existent pains in areas where I restlessly flex and tense and prod all the fucking time? What kind of test can you even do for that?

I know this sounds stupid but I had to get it off my chest somehow, I don’t feel like I can properly talk to Mrs HYG about it because I can’t dump this stress and thoughts of terminal illness onto her what with everything going on.


erm go see a GP breh


Lack of aforementioned to fix a broken car
Commute to work


Yeah, talk to your GP
They’ll take your blood pressure, do some blood tests for various things, ask a few questions about your lifestyle etc

Could be something, could be stress, could be nothing…whichever way, talking to your GP will help. Reality is almost never as bad as your fears.

You don’t need to feel as though you are obliged to tell Mrs h_y_g either - it’s your health & to be honest you taking care of yourself is more important to her than you telling her all your worries…

and even if it is something serious (which is highly unlikely) the earlier you get it checked & treated the better

Register at your GP & make an appointment dude


Doesn’t sound like things people actually can help you do, but it’s understandable that you’d worry about a list like that if you’re thinking about it all at once. Nobody likes having a tonne of things to get done to deadlines, but I’m sure you know how to break the tasks down into manageable tasks and work through them. Just isn’t going to happen overnight unfortunately :worried: