Thread of ill

I never have sick days off work, had 3 so far this week :roll_eyes:
Gastric flu innit. Horrendous stuff.
Tell us about your winter ailments

Think mega cold has comfortably been upgraded to flu, here. Literally just got over a shitty cold early this month too :frowning:

Fucking hate it. Can’t abide being ill. Get well soon, prof :+1:


i was pretty much the only person i know who managed to avoid the cold leading up to christmas but now as sweet revenge the cold has got me and my head is pounding, my nose streaming and my sneezes are probably waking the dead.


u 2 man!


i’m always ill so started taking some immune pills
they smell soooo bad

do periods count?

All welcome :grinning:

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Hope you all feel better soon

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This happened to me. Throughout Nov and Dec I assiduously used flu Defence spray, ColdZyme mouth spray, and a variety of antibac and antiviral hand foams, repeatedly throughout the day and any time I came near anybody who looked remotely hoaching, so that I could avoid all of the bugs doing the rounds on my train and in the office. Success! I was the only person at the Christmas parties who wasn’t glued to a hankie.

Finished up work for Christmas and NY, completely let my guard down and stopped with all of the sprays and foams and stuff, went to a family party on the sunday before Christmas where the Italians like to kiss you quite full-on in the face several times, and the place had about 30 tots running about with snotty faces, and sure enough by new year I had the worst upper and lower respiratory infection I’ve ever had in my life. I am now on week 5 of it and truly sick of it (although starting to feel better ‘in myself’, if still very weak.
I read something on here yesterday about you not being in the mood for red wine which had me very concerned, and wondering if you really ought to be seeing a doctor sooner rather than later, dear boy. Or like phoning an ambulance or something.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

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what are your tablets?


Stealing that

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beta-glucans immune support +
doesn’t sound like something that would work tbh. only one way to find out though

I have The Cold That Will Not Fuck Off.

Googled! It looks like a good blend of things that I already take (elderberry, vitc, garlic and vitd.) The elderberry has been a revelation (and of course I stopped taking it over xmas too and then got ill.)
I defo need to get back on my placebos pdq.

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I had a variation of the four-day-cold-plus-a-residual-cough-that-lasts-over-a-week TWICE this winter.

Burnt my hand in the oven

My hand is ill


Snappsy DiS woman cycle sync!!

Got a bit of a cold too.

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I’m sure you’ll be back on top form before you know it! :+1:
I can deal with all of it but just hate having a runny nose