Thread of Lunch

£3.10 saving mate.

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leftover bit of pasta

for some reason i also bought a large sausage roll to go with it?


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Heinz tomato soup and a seeded roll. Least adventurous lunch for weeks.

Linda McCartney country pie.

Not sure what pie it’s meant to emulate, chicken I think. Was alright.

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Love a Linda

Improvised sesame fried aubergine (+carrots, courgettes) with a microwave pouch of rice/edamame beans and a tonne of soy sauce.

Was just going to have a sandwich but remembered I have reading group tonight and dinner will consist mostly of cake and biscuits, so thought I should have something more dinner like with a decent vegetable content.

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Aloo Sabzi
Indian style spiced potatoes & spinach, tomatoes, ginger, chilli, garam masala, turmeric, cream

With extra coriander and a flatbread on the side (not pictured)


Listen mate, we all know what an aloo sabzi is, no need to list the ingredients

(looks good that)


was told to specify ‘indian style’ when ordering a curry by my pakistani m9 years ago, as the restaurant will make it more spicy and flavourful. like some sort of codeword.

never done it ofc.