Thread of mild disheartenment


Here’s an example: I board a train at King’s Lynn, travelling to Cambridge. I choose a window seat with no table in front of me. It’s mildly disheartening when, at the first stop, someone sits in the aisle seat next to me and I know that they’re likely to be there for the entire journey.

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I go into the local shop for milk/bread.

I particularly enjoy the 49p of chilli crisps they have in a red bag but only a yellow bag of chilli and lemon crisps is available.

Mildly disheartening.


thinking you can pump loads of change into the self service to get rid but it spits out even more shrapnel than you started with



You pick the self-service queue, but there’s some plank in front of you faffing about with loose change, and as a result the people in the staffed checkout queue get served first.

Mild disheartenment.


getting up to make a coffee then realising i’m going home in 15 minutes any way so there’s no point


You go to the petrol station to fill up. You realise you’re running early, so this might be a handy time to check the pressure on your tyres. But when you come to drive to the air dispenser, there is already someone using the dispenser and you have to abandon your recently-conceived plan.

Mild disheartenment.


thats exactly why you do it!


You think you might be on to beat your personal best number of miles driven since last refueling before the fuel gauge ticks down on notch, but it ticks down at almost exactly the same mileage that it always does. Mildly disheartening.


I agree




Haha, fucked up @smee and @japes 's joke!


do you just like things on request? like this, you fucking twat


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when you make a joke regarding someone’s lack of ‘likes’ by specifically making a post in agreement rather than pressing ‘like’ but then some arse fucks it up by ‘liking’ their post anyway


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I’ll bear that in mind, in future.



Just for the record: I liked his post before seeing yours and @smee 's jokes. I’m not mean!


Guy on the train* wants to have a nap. As he’s about to settle down and shut his eyes, someone he knows (colleague?) gets on and engages him in conversation.

The look on his face: pure mild disheartenment.

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