Thread of MONDAY Octo 3

Is there another thread? I don’t see one

Glorious day in Stockholm

What you got planned?


Probably going to do a poo then start work, I reckon


Did mine hours ago

Enjoy the rest of your day off!!

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Youve really fucked that order up


Morning! :sun_with_face:

Private meeting with my boss this morning. Why do they think its ok to not put a description into meetings - been panicking since Thursday :face_in_clouds:


I’m my own boss now mate, technically I’m always pooing on company time. Technically.


Not quite as glorious over here but the trees are putting on a bit of colour

Saw as many as 9 squirrels on the kilometre walk to the station and someone cycled past blasting this out

So not a terrible start to the day so far.

On the train to see my nan, as its her birthday later in the week, and then meeting my old man for a couple of pints at lunchtime.

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Terrible nights sleep thanks to small spicer

The world outside looked pretty wonderful first thing though

Doing some work today and praying one of my clients pays me today because all my bills just went out :dotted_line_face:


Could not switch my brain off and got about two hours of sleep. F this.

morning troops,

was a good weekend, and so far a fine morning - coffee tasted good, sleep was find. though my right shoulder is absolutely fucking agony right now, not sure what i did to it.

eldest is off “sick” - i mean, they are def feeling unwell but really, in my day, i’d have been at school. they have their badgeawarding at brownies tonight, so that’ll be a good reward for a lot of hardwork.

boss dropped a meeting in this afternoon also @Scout but it’s blocked out as busy on a review in my cal…

just made a very poor cup of coffee

I think I’m being given a new front door today

Sympathy like for this… I ruined a weekend a couple of months ago unnecessarily when my boss scheduled a meeting for the following Monday. A quick “I’ll explain on Monday but it’s nothing to worry about - it’s to do with [redacted part of my work]” would have been easy enough.

Yeah ive spotted she has 2 other private meetings in this morning so whatever it is it isnt just me but that doesnt make me panic any less. She’s never scheduled any of these secret ones before that don’t show the attendees etc :upside_down_face:

Real sense of thrill when working from home, being in the morning meeting and knowing - just under a minute ago - I was bare ass nekkid

The best time to be naked is now, the 2nd best time is a moment ago


Got Louise Rednapp in my head now

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…I bet you do you dirty old bollocks



was about to say that

weirdly enough, I’ve had a flu-ey fever this weekend and I’ve got ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ by Phil Collins stuck in my head. Keep humming it without realising it, it’s insane