Thread of the day, and that day is Friday 14th August 2020

My last day in my job today, woohoo!

Going into the office for the first time since the start of March. Trying to think of something cool to say when I walk through the door.

Two weeks off before I start my new job.

Life is good.

What’s happening with you?


hi maoam, hope you enjoy your final day, can’t help with a cool phrase though sorry

today’s meetings: 7-8am (i.e ongoing), 8-9:30am, so very sleepy.


Good morning lovelies :blush:

Hope you have a good last day and enjoy your holibobs ma0sm!

Some evil, awful, terrible human being is drilling. Drilling. At 7.25 in the am. Couldn’t make it up.


Happy last work day Maoam. Hope it goes quickly.

I’m on the late shift. Off for the weekend so that’s good. Will probably be visiting grandparents, so that’s not so good. Slept like crap, tired and cranky this morning

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Got a bad feeling about today. Woken up with anxious butterflies (moths) in my stomach but that’s no different to any other day. I got almost no work done yesterday, don’t know what I was doing. That’s what’s going to ruin me today.

Have those same anxious butterflies and so much work I’ve been putting off, just want to hide in my bed :weary:

Going to Southerndown for the day. Everyone bit grumpy as they have had bad sleep…

Still seaside will cheer them up I am sure!

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



Have one tour this afternoon, then two more days of working here. Very very ready to go home now.

Gonna make some coffee now and drink it in bed :slight_smile::coffee:

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Got a xmas hymn in my head for some reason


Not unbearably hot, so that’s good. Put on shorts but might actually switch to leggings. Would be a dream if it got cool enough to put a hoody on, oh for the cosiness…

So sleepy

Morning maosm, morning everyone. For reasons best known to myself, I’m doing a bit of work now when my shift doesn’t start until noon (tbf, I know why – it’s an interesting task and should save us some stress later). It’s really grey and cool outside this morning (maybe six or seven degrees cooler than the past few days): it’s the best weather.
Plans: cook and freeze a load of bacon so I’ve got some mouthwatering breakfasts to hand; go for a walk; then work.

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House move complete! Old landlord fucked off because we have had the court deny his 1k legal costs on the grounds of it is unreasonable that we, non pro landlords did it for free, but he did it and it cost a fortune… so feeling pretty spesh




Morning dissington.

Going to Brewdog tonight, the evil that walks and brews. Already salivating over their menu tbf. It’s my payday so I’m gonna order the shit out of the menu.

What would you order?

Morning. Just havin ma coffee and then i’ve got to collect 12 fireproof lizards, visit the great fairy and then investigate what’s going on at the abandoned north mine.


Alright Agent Dale Cooper.


Looking at a flat to rent in Leeds city centre tonight.

Mrs saving £80 a month on travel is a fair enough reason to go £250 a month over our original budget yeah?

Grazing goat pizza pls

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My sister sent a message to the family Whatsapp group at 6 this morning waking everyone up. Later I said no messages before 7 in the week please. She was a bit put out and said that she had been up since 4… so fucking what?!


Get voting

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