Thread of the Evening


Evening all,

I thought I would take the bold move for a relative newcomer and start the evening thread.

How were your days? Anything going on tonight?

My evening plans are a choice between:
-productive: plan some origami projects to use the fancy paper I bought a few weeks ago, watch some youtube tutorials/find diagrams and perhaps do some test folds.
-unproductive: watch a couple of episodes of Cowboy Bebop.
Will probably end up a mix of the two tbh.



Having a few tins, going to put most of my life on eBay in preparation for moving in a few weeks :anguished:

Origami sounds way cooler!


Sorting through boxes of seven inch vinyl for tomorrow night’s DJing. While drinking gin & tonic.


Unproductive evenings are our speciality, welcome!
I’m following my teams pre-season friendly via text and twitter. 2-0 down already. Fucking mega.


Sorry @Flashinglight - I can’t get on with Cowboy Bebop. The theme tune is excellent but I don’t enjoy the actual show.

I’m watching Dirk Gently and drinking the Omnipollo Texas Pecan stout. It’s getting better by the sip.


Erm, sorry, I don’t want to be that guy, but did you run this past the higher ups before making the thread? It’s just that there’s a rota, and some people (@saps) get really upset if it’s not followed. I know you didn’t mean anything by it but just… watch yourself, alright?


Think I’m going to continue watching stuff on Netflix while putting food in my face.

Remarkably, I am wearing trousers for this.


Im at kate nash…


In a shit bar. They just played spacehog.





I was hoping my audacity would earn respect? Or y’know, it was nearly 8pm, you guys were slacking :wink:


UPDATE: well, y’know


Martin Shkreli’s been found guilty of fraud and I’m going out for a beer in a sec. What an evening


I am actually only a few episodes in and undecided on it, the theme tune is the main thing bringing me back (it is terrific!)

Is Dirk Gently any good?


Been beer shopping, picking the TV up from the train station, and listening to a decent playlist. Might have a burger as we’re out and have a couple of the aforementioned beers when I get in.


I’m enjoying it - I don’t know the original books or TV series but it’s quite quirky and fun.


watching only connect

i love only connect


Hello @Flashinglight &etc

I am trying to finish cataloging all my vinyl on discogs (a tedious task) and watching the athletics while drinking a beer

a Swedish lady pole vaulter is crying


got chatted up in the lidl carpark. I really don’t know why this sort of thing keeps happening? like I know women who are loads prettier than me who don’t get approached anywhere near as much as I do… I genuinely don’t get it. think its having ginger hair or something.