Thread ONLY for people with NO middle name(s)

Welcome to this very exclusive and elite club. Official paperwork may be required in cases of severe doubt.



Fuck those middle named clowns (apart from my children).


I sometimes count my confirmation name as a middle name. And I already have a middle name from birth! What a scoundrel.

What on earth is a confirmation name? Is this a catholic thing??

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Also this thread is NOT for you. (You may answer my question and then leave.)


Yes, dream team!


My wife also has no middle name… and then we fucked it up with our kids… what a mistake.

It is a Catholic thing, when you get confirmed (maybe about age 10 or 11 I think?) you choose a confirmation name, normally one of the saints or something like that. I chose Gabriel cos angels are the best.

Yes. Don’t think it’s done in all countries though.

I chose a male saint for mine (before I transitioned) so kind of sneaked one in there.


As a kid I used to wish I had some fancy middle name (very glad now that I do not). Maybe your suppressed childhood longings surfaced just long enough for you to project them onto your kids?

Wow. I was raised Lutheran/protestant so this is unknown territory for me (also those who get confirmed here do so when they’re like 15).

I have one, but when I fill in official forms and they ask for your full name I NEVER put it. basically living off the grid, baby



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That’s nice.

Leave this thread.


Well, you are welcome back here when you have officially removed your middle name from all official records

no I need to be here to maintain my cover

Yes! What an incredible secret club this is going to be.

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I can confirm that Gabriel needs to fly out of this thread.

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Fair enough. I’ve got to break the news of some quite unexpected pregnancies anyway.

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1 > 2 > 7+ > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3

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