Thread ONLY if you Have Corona Virus OR have Had Corona Virus

Fairly similar. Got a cough out of nowhere last Wednesday, with no other real symptoms at first. Weird because I always get a cough at the end of a cold or flu rather than the beginning. That evening they confirmed there had been cases in our office.

Other than that I basically felt like I had a mild cold, a bit tired, and a tight, slightly wheezy chest. On Sunday, I briefly felt flu-y and woozy and hot. Don’t have a thermometer but would never say I’ve had fever. I’ve basically recovered now. Normally I’d have been working as normal, but I’ve been self isolating under the circumstances.

I really wasn’t sure it was corona, but mass testing of a town in Italy this week has found that as many as 75% of people have it asymptomatically, which would imply that it’s already incredibly widespread, particularly where I am in Switzerland which is far more progressed than the UK, and more similar to Italy.

Can’t be sure… but I reckon I have had it, and it has been less bad than a common cold (though with the constant and persisting worry that it could progress to something worse – but that’s more driven by anxiety than any likelihood, which is very slim – and that it could be spread).


I’ve had most of the symptoms but they’ve been very mild. I don’t have shortness of breath, but my partner does.

Seems like there’s a massive variance in the symptoms you get. I’ve gone back and forth on whether it’s a cold (though if it is, it’s a dry one). Then I saw that your man from GoT describe his confirmed case as a cold, and that’s been reassuring, in a sense?

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My advice is to try not to panic and act calmly and thoughtfully. Most of us will get it, many of us won’t notice it, and we should all act as if we have it to prevent the spread to those who are most vulnerable.


The best advice ive seen so far is to assume you already have it, and act accordingly in general but re contact with people in vulnerable groups particularly.


I’ve had all the symptoms this past week but very mildly and mixed with some non symptoms which makes me think it’s something else and will go through all of this (but worse) again at some point.


Not sure if anyone else has had this, but the past two days my nose feels like its burning? Very dry and coarse. It’s gradually become the most distracting symptom.

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Have heard people mention sores / ulcers in nose and throat. Think I saw a GP who’d had it talk about them.

Sorry pal, sounds nasty


Pretty sure I have got it now. Feeling pretty rough and resting in bed. Temperature is ok. Feeling short of breath is pretty unpleasant. I literally went from being fine one minute to feeling awful in the space of 5 minutes. At first I thought I was going to be sick and rushed to the bathroom but the nausea passed to be replaced by feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck. My partner @paidinfull who has been self isolating since Saturday, still has a cough and feeling very tired but is feeling a bit better generally.

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Fever and Dry Cough
Had headache and sore throat yesterday (sorethroat has gone) cough has gotten worse.

No other symptoms to speak of. I think I contracted it Saturday after the wrestling as my friend has also come down with the exact same symptoms

Feel about 90% though, if it were any other circumstances I’d dismiss it as an incredinbly mild cough/cold

Ok that’s interesting because I’ve currently got a really sore throat but not much of a cough.

My sorethroat came on within minutes yesterday and was brutally sore about 5hours later. The cough crept in through out the day yesterday and is now pretty much the only symptom alongside with some very minor fatigue and fever.

It all started with me being being irrtable and with a headache.

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Thanks for sharing, it’s reassuring. I’m usually irritable with a headache :rofl:


Hope you feel better soon.


I wonder about hayfever, i get so snotty this time of year, how many snivellers would dismiss signs of covid19 because they have hayfever too

My housemate manaed to find some Paracetomol as I’m too scared to use ibuprofen. I FEEL SO SO SO SO SOOOOO MUCH BETTER

I begun feeling INCREDIBLY ILL and feverish. Still only have the core symptoms so starting to think I have it.

It’s a good point. Can’t answer. I know what you mean though.

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Thank you. Am feeling a bit calmer this afternoon. Absolutely endless thanks to you and all our amazing NHS staff who look after us and reassure us every day.


Started dry coughing about an hour ago, bit of a strain but may still be hypochondria.

Finding it hard to take deep breaths. Fever has gone though and I feel better than I did yesterday, still have dry cough. Still no symptoms I’d associate with a cold, wish I could get tested as I’m as close to certain I’ve got it as I’ve ever been.

At the beginning of last week my son came home from school feeling ill and had diarrhea. He recovered after a day or so. A few days later I had similar symptoms and a bad headache, but since then have felt mildly ill with a slight cough. Initially I didn’t think for a second it was the virus as neither if us had a fever or chest pains, but have since read that, especially in kids, diarrhea is quite a common symptom. I’m now 50/50 as to whether I have it or not. There were many families in my son’s school who went skiing in Italy or Switzerland at half term and didn’t self-isolate when they came back, as at the time only a few towns were considered high risk.

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