Thread Splitting



Splitting off stuff in one thread that’s not enough on topic. Either into an existing thread of that topic or to a totally new thread.

How do we fell about this?

Sock chat (rolling)

I think you’re drunk on power tbh


no thread splitting, no japes banning


Well at least SOMEONE’s got their manifesto clearly laid out. I hope Corbyn is reading this.


wtf theo


No thread meddling by mods unless someone’s asked for it IMO






or there’s something that’s very obviously not on, of course


What about purely for comedy purposes to prank AndyVine?





If it’s requested sure, totally on board with jokey responses but some threads do seem to veer off a fair bit.

  • yeah theo, keep moving shit about as you please
  • please stop

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Thread splitter, thread SPLITter


do it whenever cycling is mentioned, everything else on a case by case basis


Bikexit means Bikexit I’m afraid.



Thread splitting should be done if the OP requests it and if a mod deems it necessary.

Off-topic chats are par for the course here imho. Some forums have rules which make it compulsory to split chats / tell people off for going off topic.


well this thread seems to be broken now. i hope youre happy theo