Thread title editing is still a problem, could you change it pls @sean

and give us the ability to edit posts again thank you

I can’t. There isn’t an option that I can see!

it worked previously, you must have changed something. just change it back.

It was just that 0 and 1 trust level users couldn’t edit anything, I think.

The only way is to get rid of the edit button which allows no editing whatsoever.

thread title editing is the only kind of editing which works anyway!! at least get rid of that

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Ok. I’ve hidden the edit button. Does that solve it?

nah i can still edit thread titles

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Just the 7 notifications in the last half hour for me

#you can’t stop people editing titles

See here

The only way is to move everyone down a user level and then make it impossible to get to that level.

If you manually promote users they can then edit things.

Meanwhile no one can edit stuff now, not even mods, so you need to undo this. Sorry.

what kind of a busted ass forum is this

I’ll have to post the Rogue One thread for them. They literally do not seem to have heard of the concept of people being both good forum members and mischievous…

Oh no! Must be a nightmare seeing a number in a blue circle in the top right of your screen. Thoughts are with you.

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well, that sounds like the most sensible solution?

Thanks Lonzy! glad someone has some sympathy

Feedback from Discourse founder @codinghorror

Falco called us all dicks :fearful:

it’s finally sorted! cheers @sean


Bang on, I guess.

Bravo TheOGB!


only just noticed that it’s fixed. and that we’ve been barred from the lounge :open_mouth:

it was SHIT IN THERE ANYWAY hurls drink at window

PS cheers lads