Thread to Apologise to Sean for ever doubting him


I, royter-hatfood (the real one), think I owe sean an apology. The new forums are clearly brilliant and i doff my cap, well done sean.

Anyone who would also like to contribute to the apology please sign below


What a reformed character, this place is great!



THANKS SEANNNNNNNNNN (is that 20 characters)


cheers sean mate/geezer


I just muted the tag ‘bikewankers’.



Fucking hell!!!


I unmuted it because, frankly, I don’t trust Balonz to start a big thread of hate against me but tag it bikewankers for a laugh.


yeah, you got me. very impressive. now go spend £1500 on coke and hookers!


This is my favourite forum software ever. I’m probably going to post more because of it.

Could do without the yellow box of rules though.


wow it’s like a john le carre novel in here with all the double and triple-guessing each other features. Sean is a fucking genius.


not seeing @marckee in here though, typical tbqh


Anyway Harru, how’s it going?


it goes away after a while




doesn’t work.




If you cancel a reply, a prompt even comes up asking if you’re abandoning reply! Lovely.