Thread to archive when celebrities are on TV who havent been seen for a bit


saw arguably the worst show on TV yesterday, Dara O’Briain playing video games

Gina Yashere (!) was onthere


I believe she lives in the States now.


The United States?


Yes. Of America.


The USA of America.


Have seen - Giles Coren
Have not seen - Vera Lynn


that quiz show? was alright werent it


I was on me hols that week and only got to see the first 20 minutes or so every night when the kids were being put to bed.

Where we stayed claimed to have Sky HD. Although true, it was only Freeview channels and had no pausing or recording capabilities. This place cost a bomb too. The cheek!


Miquita Oliver is in the Absolutely Fabulous film.


is she living with katy brand?