Thread to ask basic/silly cooking questions


Just bought a George Foreman grill. When its preheated, when using instructions would it be classed as a medium/high heat?


How do you cook rice? (Honestly)


For long grain rice, it’s 2:1 water to rice. E.g. 1 cup of rice needs 2 cups of water. Bring to the boil, then simmer and once all the water has been absorbed, the rice will be cooked.


Basmati is 1.5:1 water:rice - bring to the boil then v low heat for 20-25 minutes if you’re cooking to eat hot.
If you’re cooking to serve cold, or reheat at work, you can put as much water in as you want and boil vigorously for 15-18 minutes. Check whether the grains are cooked occasionally and when they are, tip the rice into a sieve and wash with cold water, then leave to drain.

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Is there a way I can just dump the rice and water in the pot, and leave until it’s cooked?


Various ways (you’ve already got three) but most importantly only add the waterlogged iPhone after cooking.


I bought a rice cooker, never used it and lost the lid


my dad lines the bottom of the pan with butter, dont know how this interacts with the water, is this not standard


For basmati I bring to the boil from cold then stick a lid on, heat off after about 15 and then leave for five before removing the lid.


Does it affect the texture of the rice, maybe? I’ve got a few Indian cookbooks and various of the rice dishes - especially the ones where it’s spiced or cooked with onions - start with oil and spices/onions and then add rice so it’s coated with oil.


i’m not sure, it definitely tastes better than whenever ive attempted rice, the rice at the bottom of the pan has a slight golden crunchiness which adds a bit of variety to the texture


We have a rice cooker. You do exactly that with it, and get perfect rice every time.

This one.

Also, a shamoji (rice paddle) is really good for separating the grains and fluffing them up at the end.


why do those microwave pouches taste so bad


Yeah whenever I cook basmati will always fry of some onion and aromatics and give the rice a little bit of a go round, risotto style, before adding water.


I get that sometimes but only when I’ve burnt it…

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as long as the rice is submerged you will be fine

pro tip: put a chunk of peeled ginger in there with that rice, lends it a delicious fragrance

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This is actually an Iranian food favourite, Tahdig (literally mean bottom of the pot).


Lovely ignoring of the OP in here


The main recipe I do that with is peas and rice. Oil in first, then cumin seeds until they start to smell nutty (which only takes about 20 seconds), then finely chopped onions, then frozen peas, then rice, and finally the water. It’s simple af and bloody gorgeous.


pro tip: foreman grills are basically uncontrollable, you have to keep an eye on your meat