Thread to ask basic/silly cooking questions

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How do you keep your knives sharp?

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  1. Get a knife sharpener
  2. Don’t put them in the dishwasher (dulls the blade apaz)
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I have asked you numerous questions on our internal chat system at work Ant, and I’ve been routinely shut down by you responding with an immediate “speak to you later!”, implying that my question is basic/silly.

Please take your comment to this thread: What's the most transparent lie you've told recently?

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I have one like this and ikea knives which weren’t cheap but not expensive either, probably 20 quid each, I can’t remember

It does the job for a while but always seems that eventually the knives just get blunter and won’t sharpen to that orginial level again. If I buy proper expensive knives do they not do this?

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you need a whetstone

appaz “knife sharpeners” don’t really sharpen knives properly, just get rid of little dents or something

I’ve never owned one or anything - I just put up with blunt knives until I can’t bear it any more and buy new (cheap) ones

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Please keep whetstone chat in the dedicated thread


I have a sharpener that’s very similar and works great. I do have some decent knives though- not sure how much they cost as they were a present but they’re japanese and razor sharp

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I don’t want to buy a steel so I just use a spoon or fork or knife and run the edge of the knife along that to realign it. Little knife hack for you. There’s probably an argument against doing that with expensive knifes but Who Cares.

You should try my hack.

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Usually cook them in a curry or other sauce in a large saute pan with the lid on. They kinda steam and get that really nice slightly gooey texture. I don’t use salt.

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Which I discovered from this recipe, which is also really good

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How do i stop burning pans? Even when i put stuff on a lower heat the pans end up caked in stuff. I’ve had to write four off this year alone. Even when cooking stuff that’s, like, wet and that - say, kidney beans in their juice, or soup - i’m throwing a pan away.

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Oil them occasionally. Just heat up a small amount of oil in them and use tissue paper to wipe it away, don’t wash it afterwards.

Have you tried washing them?

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