Thread to ask basic/silly cooking questions


Pls wash your rice thoroughly in almost all circumstances.


I just use the boil-in-the-bag stuff. It’s fine.

  • boil kettle
  • rice in pan
  • pour enough boiled water into the pan to just about cover the rice
  • put lid on the pan
  • cook on the lowest setting for 14 minutes.

Works perfectly every time.


Yes it would, @TKC




Try a tin of coconut milk instead of water


fucking 40 euros that, here!


Rice is hard to cook. There are so many variables; type of rice, washing, soaking, hardness of water, size of pan… Basically there is no foolproof method for perfect rice other than trial and error. Even with a rice cooker it takes a bit of practice.


use a microwave rice cooker. it’s dead easy and consistent.


that’s my old method (before microwave rice cooker)


I used to know a lady from Myanmar who would put it in the oven covered in foil for 20 minutes after a short boil. I’m rubbish at cooking rice.


This thread has reminded me to soak my rice thank you


Just cook it like pasta! That works. Check it every minute or so after 10 mins (white) or 20 mins (brown) until it’s the texture you like then quickly drain off and stick a lid on the pan if you can.

There is a really good method (absorption) involving the correct water to rice ratio, which is different with each type of rice. In general it’s 2:1 water volume to rice volume or 2.5 to 3:1 with wholegrain rice.

The trick is that you put the cold water on the rice, bring the boil, then put the lid on an let it simmer for about 15 minutes for white rice or 20-25 for brown.

When the simmering is done you don’t take the lid off but you leave it for 5 mins so the steam soaks into the rice.

^^^^ But it’s a bit more complicated. We have glass lidded pans which makes it a lot easier because once the water’s boiled off the glass clears a lot so I can judge when to take the heat off, but because you’re not meant to remove the lid I’m not sure how people work it with opaque lids.


Tell me about how you like to prepare and cook your aubergines, guys.


no it doesn’t

I’ve never made rice that tastes as good as out the rice cooker no matter how much fucking about i do


I’ve found no matter how I’m cooking them the most important step seems to be to salt them then pat them dry after a few minutes. otherwise they go mushy.


Salting eh? Okay cheers. Will do. So you just use kitchen roll to get the salt out, no washing.


yeah just kitchen roll. no point going through a load of faff to get moisture out to only then run it under the tap


Fair. I normally brown the hell out of it first but it takes a while with a fair amount of oil.


Still takes practice to make perfect rice in a rice cooker, though, or at least it does if you’re me