Thread to document when there's sunshine

We’ve had so little of late that I think we should start recording instances of sunshine.

So: 22/5, 7.40pm, King’s Lynn

I’m setting the bar low - I’m sure we can find more sunshine than this.

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tis a fine bunch of clouds, but tis no sushine, english.


It’s better than we’ve had for the last week! There’s definitely sunshine poking through that cloud. As it goes, it’s a start.

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I need my sunglasses on for that pic!



It’s a low bar, everyone.

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Manchester now. I particularly like the ominous clouds saying no chance of this carrying on

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As of now, sunshine on the Firth of Clyde

It will not last; tomorrow’s forecast is utterly rancid. Must remember to bring in the washing (two blankets the cat puked on whilst I was on holiday) off the line before going to bed…


too much sun


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Quite nice bit of peach on the clouds from some suspected “sun” of which you speak but can not confirm


Peach sky at night
Shepherd’s peach pie

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No sunshine here in Leicestershire at 23.09pm. Will update further soon.

Lots of sunshine today in Torquay