Thread to dunk on/laugh at Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson and other dreadful grifters

Found this to be an interesting read:

I’m sure Joe Rogan, multi-millionaire Spotify superstar, doesn’t necessarily care but this might be vaguley reassuring to those who consider him to be a toxic influence on the wider culture.

TL;DR - since moving to Spotify, Joe Rogan guests now get on average 50% of the bump in followers they used to and anecdotal evidence suggests many of his viewers/listeners didn’t make the jump to Spotify with him

Like this post if you’ve never listened to Joe Rogan, and what little you know about him makes you think he’s not a good person.

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This isn’t Twitter m9


More seriously though, there’s two things here and one is Joe Rogan and one is when podcasts are doing exclusive deals. I use Pocketcasts and even as a Spotify Premium subscriber, when I get an update in my feed that a podcast is Spotify exclusive, I just unsubscribe and move on. It’s not even a moral standpoint or anything, just that I like PocketCasts and none of these podcasts are ever good enough to make me want to switch application.


Liked this though I’ve not heard of him, but I’m assuming he’s not a good person from the tone of the (admittedly short) thread so far.

It’s going well. 50% of the replies are me, even more with this one.

Doesn’t surprise me, but he’s making his money so win win.

Only listened to Rogan a couple of times, my father-in-law listens to a lot of podcasts and had some Rogan on in the car, think he just started listening because he kept hearing so much about him and he’s on the fringes of sporting stuff that he’s interested in. It was terrible, just mad subject hopping, literally going between 9/11 trutherism and complaining about modern computer keyboards in two minutes. But it had the rhythms and cadence of lots of US talk radio, and I didn’t pick up on super toxic stuff in the short time I was listening to it, so I don’t know if it’s that bad compared to like, Mike and the Mad Dog or whatever, it’s just that shtick for millennials instead of boomers.


The most amazing thing about Joe Rogan is just how totally average and unspectacular he is.
A truly terrible comedian (when compared to peers like Bill Burr, Segura etc, regardless of what you think of those types of comedians, he is noticeably in terms of writing, technically etc, much much worse).
And he is a terrible interviewer, regardless of what you even think of his particular views, he is very poor at the role of interviewing people. Comes across quite boring, persistent/irrelevant points about the same things, talks over people etc
Just find it staggering that he has such a high profile/number of viewers when he is quite frankly pretty crap at all of it compared to those around him…


Although, more I think about it, maybe there is a little subconscious irkness that podcasts have always been open across every platform and Spotify have been proactively signing exclusive deals to move people to their platform, which has caused other platforms to start doing the same meaning that the end point is going to be some shitty thing where you have to have 20 different apps for whichever one(s) you want to listen to, most with a subscription fee.

A bit like how Netflix supposedly brought piracy down because things were in one place and now we have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and all that other noise too.


Yeah his greatest skill is just being able to keep talking for like four hours straight.


Also worth pointing out that Spotify seemed like utter shite when I tried to use it for listening to podcasts. Just a complete pain to navigate.

Stopped using it ages ago so it might be better now.

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It’s amazing to think how many of the popular podcast interview channels are that way because they were there from an early stage rather than being any good as interviewers.

See also: Adam Buxton & Richard Herring.

Bit like when people used to take the Sky cash and just drop of the radar I guess.

Don’t think he is anything beyond a standard U.S. talk radio guy except perhaps he seems somehow to have tapped into that sort of tech bro culture that combines some apparently fairly liberal views but veers into idiotic libertarian territory.

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No need to be mean to sean


Knew he worked for The Times, did he have a Sky arts programme gig or something?

I agree. I’m ‘used to’ Overcast and while it’s probably objectively a worse user experience than Spotify, I CBA to switch over my subscriptions and inevitably discover that at least one podcast I listen to is not on there.

This gets to the heart of it imo. If you don’t listen to JRE (which for the record I don’t, but like you have been exposed to enough of it by people who do to have an opinion) then you only hear about it when he says something monumentally stupid and/or has a properly evil guest like Ben Shapiro or Milo.

He’s like any number of slightly older guys you’d meet at uni who seemed smart, always had weed, and were into David Icke or whatever and then years later realise that it was really fucking strange that a dude that age was hanging out with teenagers but it’s probably because everyone their age just thought they were really fucking irritating.


DiS briefly got bought by BSkyB or something in the long forgotten past.


Absolutely fucking useless as an interviewer. I occasionally listen to him as he gets some interesting people on but he’s terrible. Those musical interludes are a fucking atrocity too.


Oh wow. Had no idea.