Thread to dunk on/laugh at Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson and other dreadful grifters

Thanks, will check it out

Can’t really get my head around a lot of language stuff here but that’s just frickin philosophy tech speak for me.

Yeah I don’t understand the thing you’ve linked, the original article is here:

It’s because this analysis specifically mentioned Brand and was the first example I came across. I could get a general sense but just too much jargon (I assume it’s written for philosophy people so fair enough).

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You know what, good for him. I would have simply seen music performed live once in my life before I reached the age of 60, but better late than neither.


i probably wouldn’t have broken down in tears on joe rogans podcast about it tbf


Honestly cackled so loudly at the requiem bit at the end. :smiley:

Just amazing he got to that age and he’d never seen a rock band live, just only ever seeing the most buttoned-down of music.


That’s why you’re not a premier content producer.

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you might be onto summat there

Someone please give this guy some mdma

Can we be sure someone at that bar didn’t? Would explain the discrepancy between what he’s describing and what’s shown in the clips.

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He does get deeply emotional over very little doesn’t he? Need to take this prick to see Underworld next time they tour - cheeky bit of mdma before they start and his face will have literally melted by the time they reach the big hitters.

Not me though. I don’t want to be seen with him.


Of all the things to dunk on him for, this seems a pretty odd choice.

I know it’s Twitter so hyperbole is the name of the game, but it’s just a really bizarre angle.

It’s not a little thing though is it? He’s describing experiencing joy and communion through live music. For many people, that’s one of the most moving things in life. You might prefer Underworld to Nashville blues rock, but the experience is the same

I get people are just dunking on him and not being entirely serious, I just think it’s bizarre, like getting emotional about live music and joy and communication spirit is a strange or bad reaction.

I think it’s perfectly normal to love the experience of live music and find it powerful in all the way he describes. But that’s just it - it’s perfectly normal! I’d wager everyone of us here has experienced it!

So for him to sob on a podcast about what a revelation it is is just deeply strange and shows how weirdly alienated from everyday life he seems to be. Which is an alarming position for an apparent philosopher who aims to instruct people on living better lives to be in.


Also talking about the greatest guitarist/band he’s ever seen being a competent pub covers band feels very


Fair play - as I’ve written it that is how it comes across. The crowd was a bit more pumping at Underworld was more my point - it looked like a fairly tame occurrence compared to something more massive and overwhelming. Not wrong with a bit of country. I’m sure the crowd would pump at an equally massive country blues event - he should take mdma and go to that instead of it is to his preference.

Tbf I bet a lot of those Nashville session guys are shit hot. But yeah, what is he comparing it to? Does he have any reference points for live music?